Let’s not forget what we owe our truckers

Help us make the world a better place, one trucker at a time.

It’s time we give something back to our truckers, our long haul heroes

Hey! Ever wondered how you can make a change?

Well, it’s out there — We all depend a lot on truckers but we never really look back at them. They are the heroes who sacrifice at home to ensure both ends meet for all of us.

What if you could make their life a little easier?

You certainly can!

Helping truckers in India live better lives is just a click away.

By donating just a small amount of money, you’ll contribute to helping them secure their future for the long run.

Let’s bring peace of mind to our Indian truckers. Let’s help them build a happy life for themselves!

What major problems do Truckers face?

Poorly maintained vehicles

Miserable condition of trucks is one of the biggest problems faced by Indian truck drivers. These poorly maintained trucks have become a major source of accidents, putting the lives of our truckers at risk.

Worse conditions of

Safety has always been a major struggle faced by Indian truck drivers. With poor road and driving conditions, the driver’s comfort is neglected and accidents are unfortunately very common here.

Immense working pressure

A number of things put pressure on truckers. They have to deliver freight fast, but not everybody knows how to calculate a trip’s operating cost, so they work long hours for incentives and bonuses.

(This is just the tip of the iceberg)

Make someone’s day

Helping the Helpers

A trucker’s family needs your help. Donate us so that we can ensure one of the most vulnerable people of the society a bright, happy, and secure future for themselves and their families.

Join our changemakers

Everyday 2 million truckers in India face countless challenges on the road and do not get paid or respected for their hard work. Join us in this journey to empower our truck drivers.

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Get Support

If you’re a truck driver in need of any kind of help, then look no further. Just drop us a message, your worries and we’ll help you in every way possible. We’ve got your back!