Siksha (Education program)

A campaign focused on educating the truckers to make sure that every trucker makes it home safely.

Trucking safety is an important topic for a professional truck driver and the person with whom they share the road.

Unfortunately, this large section of the society still remains uneducated and unaware about their rights, traffic rules, and other transportation legalities.

Despite the rise in internet penetration and smartphone usage, the technological awareness of truck drivers has largely remained untouched.

To help our truckers tackle this situation and keep them informed and up-to-date, we started the “Siksha (Education program)”

Highlights of the campaign

— Regularly visited the truck depots and talked to each trucker there to understand their level of knowledge about the system.

— Next, we educated the truck drivers, and their partners about the basic traffic rules, signs, signals plus the do’s and don’ts on the Indian roads.

— Made them aware of their rights; the incentives or bonuses they deserve and how to demand a standardization remuneration.

— Trained them on fighting against false allegations and how they can overcome them as well as protect themselves against bribes.

17-day campaign

Educated 200+ truckers

Spread Awareness