Food For Truckers Campaign

A campaign focused on creating a hygienic and sanitized space for truckers to take rest and have their meals.

Not a lot of options are available for our truckers to rest.

Mostly it is restricted to the roadside dhabas along the national highways which are primarily the only spot for truckers to rest and have food.

In these pit-shops, the sanitation conditions are not up to the mark nor are there any regulations set in place to ensure the quality of facilities available to the truck drivers.

To help the truckers get out of this miserable situation, we came up with the “Food For Truckers Campaign”.

Highlights of the campaign

— We placed our stalls at various rest points for truckers.

— The stalls were geared towards providing freshly cooked, healthy, nutritional food to the truckers.

— Distributed purified water bottles to spread the need of staying hydrated, drinking clean, and safe water.

— Also equipped the stalls with comfortable seating so truckers don’t have to sit near the road or on any unhygienic surface.

15-day campaign

Served 150+ truckers

Spread Awareness

Let's bring hope, joy, and a smile in a trucker’s life. A small donation today can make a big difference!