Swasthya (Wellness program)

A campaign focused on improving the physical health of our truckers, helping them live a happier, healthier life.

Our truckers are on the roads for over months, and they lack access to the basic needs for maintaining a hygienic lifestyle.

Insufficient sleep, unhygienic working conditions, poor family relationships, improper food facility, immense work pressure takes a toll on truckers’ health.

As a result, 40% of truck drivers face some kind of stomach problem and about 77% of them experience backache problems.

To help our truckers tackle this situation, we started the “Swasthya (Wellness program)”.

Highlights of the campaign

— Provided easy access to sanitizers, face mask, hand wash, and gloves in every truck so that they can use them whenever required.

— Educated them on sexual health, and the necessary precautions they should take to keep themselves (and their families) safe.

— Had several sessions with our truckers and taught them the importance of having an emergency first-aid kit and the way they can use it.

— Made them aware of personal hygiene, how to stay clean and how to maintain hygienic habits while on the road.

21-day campaign

Helped 180+ truckers

Spread Awareness